Ritical Book/Film Report on the Supernatural

Pick a book or film that deals with the supernatural, and the conflict involved in explaining apparently supernatural events.
Basic Plot(for non fiction: basic outline of the contents) Analysis of Bias
-Is there any indication of the author/directors religious background? (take a guess if you have to)
Is the point of view religious, scientific or magical? (how are the events explained)
-How does this background and point of view affect the way s/he presents the supernatural in the work? Is it presented as good, evil or neutral?
Do you think the author/ director believes in the supernatural? Why or why not?
What is the supernatural for the author/director? E.g:
Religious, dealing with divinity
Scientific, what science has not yet discovered
Magical, involving cause and effect, correspondences, Connections, energies, etc.
Critical Evaluation
-Do you agree with the author/directors point of view on the supernatural? why or why not?
-Do you think that the work is simply propaganda for one point of view, or does it present more than one possible interpretation of events?
Do you think this book/film enhances our understanding of the occult, or is it just filled with the stereotypes?
-Would you or would you not recommend this book/ film? why or why not