Ritical consideration on projects to identifybuilding energy saving opportunity

Attached the meeting minute and the project title.
Please read that.

For the dissertation, I need to do the interview and survey.
And the literature review, more journals, texts, etc. NOT the EMSD codes.

Please use Hong Kong as the example.

Also, after the dissertation finished, I need the soft copy for all the references.

I need introduction, Literature review first.
The whole dissertation is 15000 words, I will make the remain 12000 words in later time.

Added on 12.12.2014 11:51
My supervisor has some comments for the dissertation.

According to our last conversations, the critical success factors should be considered under a model and elements related to the topics. I am not sure your search areas from the points and therefore difficult for me to make further comments.”

I did not give the whole paragraph to my supervisor. I just wonder than did you have the model and elements to support the critical success factors?