Ritical Creative Geographies: limits if a shop window frame VS limitless imagination (HUMAN GEOGRAPHY)

I selected paper subject as Geography, but to be more exact its a human geographer that i require. This essays needs to be written by a HUMAN GEOGRAPHER, please ensure this is so. Thank you

Departmental stores revolutionised the creative world of shop window displays. We have come from putting boxes of product in the window to alive human models in the windows.

The task is to identify and talk about critical creative geographies of shop window displays and not analyse the content of displays alone.

First looking at history of visual merchandising.

Looking at the links between creativity and the a?creationa? of imaginative places.
How do people consume these displays?
Is there an important point about experience here?

Look at Louise Crewe on fashion + architecture
Literature on the a?experience economya?. Selling by way of experience.

Then 3 cases: Harvey Nicholas, Selfridges and Harrods (choose at least two to compare). Gatsby, Disney princesses, jubilee designs.

Plus Regent Street Window Project RIBA (annual)
Attracting young architects to work on window displays.


the displays themselves, probably looking at colour, composition, techniques, props, visual effect etc.


what has changed? What have we come to today? further to be explored?

Introduction should not be more than 300 words
Conclusion should not be more than 300 words

It should all flow through and critical analysis is required

bibliography at the end with worked referenced and consulted

Thank you