Ritical Dissusion essay for Managing Across Culture

Students will be expected to write a critical discussion essay, using module materials and contemporary authored sources, from the following statement
1. Does the ability to describe, understand and judge any culture on the basis of its own values mean withholding criticism of practices in the culture that the communicator in question finds unacceptable? This question raises many issues to do with morality and ethics. Critically discuss the issues raised in the statement.

Assessment criteria for individual essay are:

a? Evidence of a well planned, organised and structured piece of work including clear conclusions and recommendations.
a? Content and coherence: relevance of the content to the question set. To what extent does the content develop coherent themes of argument in answering the questions?
a? Analytical standard: emphasis on analysis rather than purely descriptive details from the literature; application of theoretical concepts and techniques.
a? Presentation and referencing: use of essay format, use of diagrams and figures, quality of academic writing and use of English. Sources must be correctly referenced, and there needs to be a systematic bibliography at the end. Be aware that plagiarism, in the form of copying from unattributed sources or from other students, will result in penalties including failure.