Ritical Essay : Accountability, Representation and Control….Management

Why is the way in which accounting represents the world the subject of much controversy and debate? To what extent, if at all, this controversy and debate justified?
1. Why and how accounting represents the world and the extent to which it is or can be a faithful representation.?
2. What accounting does not represent?….
3. What it should represent and how to get it(e.g. democratising the accounting process via enfranchising a wider constituency of citizens/users beyond economic decision makers)
3. What is social Accounting (see Young and Lehman readings)
4. You MUST Evaluate the strengths of the various arguments in order to assess whether the debates and controversies are justified….
5. You must use UK Sources to justify your arguments and points.
6. A coherent, comprehensive and reflective critique of existing ideas and litreasture
7. An accurate understanding of key concepts and ideas
8. Clear development of Arguments

Referencing Requirements:
You must use UK SOurces
Havard referencing,
Each reference in essay must be in quote and cited properly
Sources for assistance are;
Lehman,G.(2005)A Crticial perspective on harmonisation of accounting in a globalising world Critical perspective on accounting 16pp.975-992
Armstrong, P. (2002)Management, Image and management Accounting Critical Perspectives on Accounting 13, 281-295.
Young, J. J. (2006) Making up users Accounting, Organizations and Society, 31(1)pp 579-600