Ritical Essay evaluating the effectiveness of EU policy in the area of Communications

Outline and discuss the reasons for a paradigm shift in European communications since the 1980s. Include examples from a country of your choice: for instance, how have these changes impacted Germany, Spain, Poland or Denmark?
Critically discuss the Broadcasting Without Frontiers Directive and indicate how this impacts one European country of your choice. You can reflect on how and why some countries maintain more strict regulations than are necessary to comply with the Directive.
Analyse and discuss the reasons for the failure or success of trans-national broadcasting projects in Europe. Include in your answer some reflection on the experience of a country of your choice.
Critically discuss the EU s opposition to the global liberalisation of trade in cultural products at the WTO. Include in your answer a discussion of why Hollywood is so interested in the European market.
Analyse and discuss concepts of European identity.
Critically discuss European telecommunications policy. Include some reflection on the implementation of this policy in any European country. For instance, why has the EU penalised both Spain and Portugal regarding the implementation of this Directive.
Analyse and discuss media change in Eastern Europe. Reflect on how these changes fit with the European integration project.
Discuss the degree to which Communications policy is shaped by national factors rather than European directives. Include in your answer examples of two contrasting country s policies.