Ritical Essay Frankenstein by Mary Shelly

Find one substantial, ideally well-regarded critical essay on that novel, and formulate a thesis that DISAGREES with that critic or critical approach. Do not however, force yourself to disagree with the author, and do not simply take a contrary position for the sake of the assignment. The trick is to find an essay or critic that you like and/or admire, read one of their works closely, consider what you already know about (primary) text under discussion (i.e. the novel), and then formulate an argument an argument that either intelligently elaborates on, disagrees with, or otherwise engages that critics ideas. You may, of course, agree with a lot of what the critic has to say, but do not merely elaborate the ways in which you and the critic agree. Remember, too that, although the assignment is about engaging with the ideas of an established literary critic or theorist, the real subject of your essay will still be the novel that you choose to write about. For example, you may disagree with the poststructural critic Gayatri Spivak that Frankenstein can be understood as an anti-imperialist text, and you may choose to show the ways in which what Spivak misreads as anti-imperialism is in fact, merely a critique of enlightenment rationalism, etc. Use primary and/or secondary sources. Use encyclopedias, Gale Resources, CUNY Databases: JSTOR, and Project Muse. Make sure to have an idea and protect that idea.