Ritical essay of Marxists, Marxians, and Marxish

ATH 231 Foundations of Cultural Anthropology, Schaefer, Fall 2014
26 August 2014
Critical Essaya 100 points
DUE TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 before midnight
Please respond in a typed, double-spaced, formal essay with one-inch margins. Please proofread before
turning in. Your answer should be 3 pages long. In your answer,
remember to analyze and evaluate the authors arguments and evidence, applying these arguments
in situations that you know about and can explain. Follow the guidelines at the end to improve your essay.

Critical/Theoretical Approaches of Marxists, Marxians, and Marxish: Briefly and in your own
words, spend 2 pages summarizing and synthesizing the arguments and evidence of
Marx and Engels, Michel Foucault, Michel-Rolph Trouillot, and Gilberto Rosas. Then, in 1
page, critically relate arguments and evidence to an example from your outside
reading/viewing/memory, experience, or knowledge.