Ritical Essay of the theater production of A Conversation with Edith Head”

The essay should be a critical response to a theatrical production you have seen, (A Conversation with Edith Head). The essay should be no more than two pages, double spaced and not simply a summary. All grammatical and rhetorical rules of academic writing should be followed. In other words, I liked itor
I didnt like itare irrelevant unless you can back up your opinion with observable evidence. The faculty of the School of Theatre and Film suggest that you frame your essay using Goethes three dramaturgical questions: What was the artistic team trying to do? Did they achieve their attempt? Was it worth doing?
Citation page must also be in MLA format but the number of sources was not stated. I am including a couple of links I have seen on the play.



I will be seeing the play but the essay is due next day!! thought a good example would help.. Thanks