Ritical Essay on Famous Leader -Margaret Thatcher EX-Prime Minister of Great Britain

you will need to complete the following:
1. Open your essay with an opening paragraph describing the leader and
summarizing the leadership theory that you will be addressing. (Keep the
background information very brief.
2. Name and discuss three specific leadership skills, three specific
leadership behaviors and three specific leadership traits of this leader.
3. Name and discuss the leadership skill, leadership behavior, and
leadership trait that you think best explains the success of this leader.
Explain why you believe this is so.
4. Apply this leaderas approach or style to one of the leadership theories
discussed in this course.
5. Explain why this leadership style or approach has been successful for this
leader and make logical arguments supporting your case.
6. Write a summarizing paragraph. Cite at least three journal articles that
are listed in the course packet, and at least three direct quotes from the
Northouse (2012) textbook (include citation with page number). Direct
quotes should be short (no more than two sentences) and should be noted
with quotation marks.
7. Include at least one chart or table a one that was created by you (the
student) in this Critical Essay. Paper must be typed, double-spaced, 12-
point font, 6-7 pages, with list of references required. Page count does not
include title page or reference list