Keep in mind that this is a critical essay, not a book report. This means that you should build the essay in the usual manner.
-The beginning (introduction and describe what the book is about and why should you be interested in the focus of the book);
The middle (the primary thrust of the book; the message(s) that is being delivered; what are the key points and what those key points mean to you, your unit, your division and the court organization; the relevancy lfo the materials to our operations; and your own position on the content of the book as well as the authors treatment of the information.

The end (conclusion and your final assessment of the book and the contribution to the furthering the understanding of the larger question/issue-focus of the book.

1-make sure your name is on the top of the first page of the essay
2-Please observe the standard formatting conventions: .75 margins at the top,bottom,right and left sides. 12-point arial font; 1.5 spacing.
3-The critical essay is informative;it emphasizes the literay work being studied rather than the feelings and opinions of the person writing the book (you)
4-Be sire your discussion is well organized. Each section should support the main idea or concept of the book. Each section outlined above should be logically connected.
5-Be sure your essay is free of grammatical and stylistic errors