Ritical Essay on The House on Mango St. Chapter 1

based on the short story The House on Mango St. chapter 1 only
you will discuss the main character as well as their relationship with other characters in The House on Mango St.
4 pages total with

In class discussion, I cited the main character Esperanza as a little emotionally detached from the way see was speaking about the house ..she seemed disappointed but not sad….It seemed to me as though she was older and perhaps she was revisiting the time they moved into the house… I would like to have that mentioned and supported

From the syllabus As you analyze the text, are there any specific themes or messages? Why or why not? Is the

setting significant to the actions of the characters and/or setting? Remember to include a brief
biography of the writers life. (You should also include 3 pieces of textual evidence from the short story). Also, please provide a works cited page with 2-3 scholarly journal articles in MLA format

MLA guidelines

The total paper equaling 4, pages not including the reference page