Ritical Essay on the story Barn Burning”

The Critical Essay needs to be on the short story Barn Burningby William Faulkner

*The opening paragraph should orient the reader by introducing the author and the story. Tell us what youare going to write about before you start writing it.It should end with a thesis a statement. A thesis statement is a reasonable assertion or claim that the rest of the essay supports.

*Identifying the Complication: Often there are many conflicts in a short story, but when we talk about the a?Conflict,a? we mean the internal conflict that main character has been dealing with even before the story opens. Please read that last line again. The a?conflicta? isnat something that happens in the story; itas a problem the main character already has.

*Identifying the Moment of Change

*Discussing the Resolution: What will may happen due to this change.

*Please keep the amount of quoted text to minimum. Notice the amount of quoted material in the sample essay and use it as a rough guide. I do not want you to quote long passages at all.

*Just Explanations from my instructor of what is expected* READ BELOW***

Introduction and thesis: Your essay should have an introductory paragraph that orients the reader. It should include the name of the story, the authoras name, a short introduction to the story, and a thesis statement.

Identifying the Conflict: In the modern short story, the a?Conflicta? is almost always internal. It is a problem or dilemma facing the main character. The conflict exists in the main character from the beginning of the story. It is not something that happens during the story.In your essay, you are expected to describe this conflict.

Identifying the Complication: The complication is something that happens in the story. It is an event that forces the main character to face and finally the resolve the conflict. In your essay, you are expected to describe the complication.

The moment of Change: All short stories are about change. In your essay, you are expected to identify the moment of change and explain its significance to the main character.