Ritical Evaluation for the Presentation of Research Data in Architecture

A written essay in the form of a case study. 2,000 3,000 words in length.
The essay should establish the principle requirements for developing and applying appropriate specific research techniques within your subject research area(Architecture)., and subsequently for analysing and presenting the research data emanating from the applied research.
As such, you should critically evaluate, develop, and apply appropriate quantitative or qualitative techniques within the context of your study.

The report should form a subject specific study that focuses on only one of the following areas (even if your postgraduate research is adopting a mixed method approach):

Quantitative techniques or Qualitative techniques

This essay will demonstrate how your specific Project research will be undertaken and how your approach to this research is underpinned by current thinking in research methodology and philosophy. You will therefore be expected to mainly focus on your own current or anticipated research approaches, justify these approaches and then assess their relevance in the context of current thinking in that area. You will also be expected to cite a diverse and fairly comprehensive range of appropriate references in support of your relevance and justification arguments.

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