Ritical evaluation of a counselors performance

Hi, this order is for someone with a strong background in counselling or psychology as it requires the critical evaluation of a counselloras performance in a therapy session (provided in a 1 hour video clips).

The video clip captures the last of three therapy sessions with this particular client, but there is no need to view the first two sessions as this order only requires the critical evaluation of the counselloras performance in this last session. The video clip captures only the counselloras face and part of her body (for privacy reasons) but the whole conversation between counsellor and client can be heard clearly.

This order has two small parts and one major (3500 words) paper.

1.The First part is to watch the video and to write some brief SOAP notes (one page). I have uploaded the video clip on YouTube in 6 small clips (ten minutes each) because I couldnat upload the whole session in one video clip, it was too long for YouTube to accept. I have also attached to the order a document with the SOAP notes from the first two sessions. This is just to give you a very brief idea of what was discussed in the previous two sessions.

Video link:
1. /youtu.be/IqD4VDkoLk4
4. /youtu.be/B-tkJLfeKfU
(I suggest you download all 6 clips and then select all to have them play in order without interruption)

2. The Second part is to again watch the video and write a brief outline of the treatment plan you see being used (roughly one page). You donat need to criticize it yet, just write the plan as you can best deduce it.

3. The Third part of this order requires a 3500 word critical evaluation of the Counselloras performance in this last therapy session.
You need to present this evaluation using a selection of annotations from the video clip and the SOAP notes (which you would have written when first viewing the video)

This is not supposed to be a transcript of the interview with the client and the effectiveness of the therapy, although some of this information may give the evidence that you are seeking. Consider it an evaluation of the counselloras skills and effectiveness as a therapist and the treatment plan(s) that the counsellor implemented (this is where you can criticize the treatment plan).

Try being a critical friend to the counsellornot too easy and not too hard. And be prepared to identify the skills the counsellor needs to improve as well as discuss the mastered skills shown by the counsellor (so evaluate both the bad and the good).

Also, provide a critical evaluation of the application of the Eganas Skilled Helper Model to the client that was counselled. This would include cultural relevance (for example, race, ethnicity, etc).

Attached you will find two documents: The SOAP notes from the previous two sessions. As well as the Assessment Criteria which you must carefully follow when writing the major paper so that you do not skip any important parts of the evaluation.

Let me know if you need further clarification or have trouble opening the video clip.