Ritical Evaluation of a Journal Article

attached is the journal article that must be used for the critical evaluation

once the order is placed i will attach the crteria i was given to write the paper as i cant seem to do that yet.
this assignment is a critical evaluation of the journal article attached.

Harvard reference system

there is not a need for an extensive reference list

if any guidelines have been used for critiquinq the article they need to be placed in the reference list also

Ritical Evaluation of a Journal Article

Written Assignment: Critical Evaluation of a Journal Article

Length: 1,250 words plus reference list
Topic: Critical evaluation of a journal article.
Perform a critical evaluation of the paper. Both negative and positive aspects of the paper should be discussed. The aim is to demonstrate an understanding of the relevant issues of study design and research methodology, as well as strength in scientific writing.

Please consult the a?School Resourcesa? section on the School of Physiotherapy website for further information regarding assignment submission guidelines and referencing. An electronic referencing program such as End Note is recommended to manage citations and bibliographic lists. Please provide a word count on your assignment cover page and note that marks will be deducted for assignments exceeding the word limit.

Please note that a?APA stylea? should not be confused with the editorial style of the Australian Journal of Physiotherapy or the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

Critical analysis of Introduction and Aims 5 marks
Critical analysis of Methods, Design and Hypotheses 15 marks
Critical analysis of Results (including their presentation) 10 marks
Critical analysis of Logic and Validity of Discussion and Conclusion 15 marks
Quality of your written expression, your line of argument & your referencing 5 marks