Ritical evaluation of a published paper

(please ask a UK writer to write it)

Your task for this assignment is to read and critically evaluate the paper below:

Gooderham, P., Parry, E. & Ringdal, K. (2008).The impact of bundles of strategic human resource management practices on the performance of European firms, The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 19:11, 2041-2056.

You will need to draw on the research methods literature and appropriate HRM subject literature to evaluate and critique the research design and method. You should answer the following questions within your evaluation:

a? What are the benefits to the research design and approach?
a? What are the drawbacks/limitations to the research design and approach?
a? Suggest alternative research strategies/methods

You may wish to consider the following issues within your critical evaluation (Please note that this is not an exhaustive list):

a? Does the literature review provide the foundation for the proposed research?
a? What sources are drawn upon?
a? Is the research question clearly specified?
a? Is the research design clearly outlined?
a? Is the choice of research strategy/design appropriate for achieving the aims of the research?
a? Is the choice of research strategy/design justified?
a? Is the choice of research method justified?
a? How were participants identified/selected/accessed?
a? Are there any issues regarding sample size? Response rates?
a?Are the measures used appropriate?
a? Have ethical issues been considered?