Ritical Evaluation Of a Research Report Suturing of Minor Lacerations by Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Emergency Department”

Using Research In Clinical Practice ASSIGNMENT BRIEF
The Task:
Critically evaluate the contribution of a research report in relation to the existing body of evidence that underpins specialist practice.
Word limit: 3000 words
Select a published research article concerning a topic or issue that is relevant to your clinical practice speciality. The chosen article must be a report on research undertaken by the author/s, ie primary research, not a literature review or an opinion-based article. »
Your discussion should provide evidence of some degree of general background reading concerning the topic or issue in question. Background reading is necessary to put the chosen research report into context and give some indication of the body ol evidence that underpins the topic in question. You should also show some awareness of the implications of your chosen study for practice.
The focus of this assignment is on research design (eg RCT, survey, phenomenology, grounded theory, case study).
Identify the research design employed in your chosen research article, explain why this design was used and discuss its appropriateness for addressing the research question. Compare and contrast the design with another possible design from a different approach/paradigm (eg qualitative vs. quantitative). What other research design do you think could have been used to address the topic under investigation? For example, if your chosen report utilised a quantitative survey design, explain why this approach was used and discuss whether an alternative qualitative design, such as grounded theory, could have been employed also/instead. Consider factors such as the appropriateness of the method/s of data collection, the time, place and source of the data, and the method of data analysis.

Use Harvard system
at least 25 references.
any books, journals, internet