Ritical Evaluation of Current Marketing Communications Practice & Theoretically Underpinned Marketing Communications Plan

Ues Motorola Company

part one

a) how they employ marketing communications strategies and tactics to reach specific target markets (1000 words)

1) at least 2 definitions of marketing communications.
2) Trends
3) Why companies use MC -DRIP fill (2006)

2.1 defining MC / strategys in employee
2.2 reason why
2.3 defining the MC Mix
what is on it?
2 definition  comparison

2.31 PR -def of PR
--discussion why used 4C s

9 segmentation target

10 comparison compare in communication

11 what are the co. doing?

12 why orgisation used it

b) to what extent they adapt or standardise their communications globally/internationally (500 words)

compare each tool & media in two different countries

c)whether there is evidence of integration in their marketing communications (500 words)
more than 15