Ritical evaluation of Dramatisation as advertising execution style used in our campaign.

It should be an essay of about 2500 words answering the question as follows.....

Q).Critically evaluate the ONE main advertising execution style used in your campaign . In light of your analysis, could your advertisements be improved? Justify your answer.

The essay should be on Dramatisationas advertising execution style as I have used Dramatisation as advertising execution style in my presentation.

The content of the essay should be based on critical analysis of leading edge theory and evaluation and application of theory and academic concepts or models to the practical promotional plan.

The following was the story board of the Tv commercial that we said we would adopt in the marketing campaign of our brand in our presentation.

Two guys enter a Super market for some shopping stuff. Two girls will already be there doing some shopping. One of the guys likes one of the girls, but she isn t interested & & just then he looks at the chocolate LAN and thinks of gifting it to her & she also out of coincidence buys the same chocolate which is LAN. This reinforces the guys confidence and he gives the LAN chocolate to her& & she smiles and they leave the supermarket together talking to each other & & a background voice says If you like LAN you can get to know the person you want to know about”.
Text book
Belch and Belch(2007) Advertising and Promotion: An integrated marketing communications perspective International Edition(7th edition) Irwin Mcgraw-Hill