Ritical evaluation of Emerging NMS and Analysis

IT Lab is an award-winning IT support company formed in 1998 and is planning to radically upgrade the existing networking infrastructure. The company is planning to expand by opening Leeds and Aberdeen offices along with London (Head Office).

The plan is to implement a new network infrastructure development with phase 1, where design and implementation is carried out; and phase 2, where security and networking management is implemented. The plan is to implement the new networking infrastructure across all of the regional and local offices.
All issues with phase 1 and the security section of phase 2 have been resolved. This is where your responsibility starts with the networking management implementation. The final stage, where 8 companies were selected (one of them could be your own choice) and some of the initial reports were submitted (reports available from the module moodle () website). You are to produce a final report and consider each companyas companies network management solutions. Your report is to accept or reject their solution on the basis of your companyas requirements and justification for each of the selection or rejection is to be provided as evidence in your report. The networking devices and software in all of the regional and local offices are based on Microsoft (workstations and servers etc) and Cisco (routers, firewalls and switches etc).
The report that you produce should be an Analytical Evaluation Report about the NMS proposed solution to cover companyas requirements that you consider most appropriate. The focus of your report should be on the 5 stages (FCAPS) of the NMS.