Ritical evaluation of energy relations between Russian Far East and Asia (China & Japan) post 2000.

Task 1 a Introduction (1000w)

Aim + Justification

Background of Russiaas energy sector plus:
1) Current state of affairs Looking at Russian energy policy between 1991-2000.
2) Looking at Russianas energy towards Asia (China & Japan) post 2000 (under Putin).

Background of China & Japanas energy sector plus:
1) Trend of energy uses (e.g. increase of energy demand for both countries, etc.)
1) Energy policies towards Russia

Task 2 a Literature Review (3500w)

Minimum of 15 sources
Key words for searching:
energy sustainable, oil & gas, logging & coal, energy policy, Russia Far East, China, Japan, energy security, energy sector, etc.

Note: around 1000 words for intro section and 3500 words for the literature review