Ritical Evaluation of Information Systems/Information Technology Implementation

Assessment  Strategy and Criteria

Assessment will be made on the basis of the following as deemed appropriate:

Appraisal of the general quality of the overall process of engagement by you in applying analysis tools in assessing the system used;

Appraisal of the subject and technical content integrated into your report, its analysis and evaluation;

Appraisal of the overall quality of your report. Assessment of language, style, structure and presentation.

The following will form the breakdown of assessment for this module:

Range and completeness of tools used in your understanding 33%

Relevance of information and completeness of the analysis and evaluation 33%

Use of Language and overall quality of report, including referencing and presentation 34%
Harvard referencing
Please can you do footnotes where necessary. Can you please also include a sepearate refernce list and four appendices for example A,B,C,D. Im not sure how many references, but i think the minimum references may be 5.