Ritical evaluation of Intercontinental hotel network.

Id like to do some editing to my project of the final year BSc Applied Computing.
Ill attach the report that i did, and i would like from somebody professional, to edit it so i can get at least a grade of 2.2
My litterature review part, is not good. If it requires other papers or journals or books, im happy to take your advise. So please do the necessary changes so it can be academic (You can delete the unnecesary parts and you can add more)
In addition, my methodology needs a lot of changes. Im happy if you want to add some more pages to it. Please do the necessary changes or editing.
Probably youll be able to see my writing style more from the litterature review. So please try to use the same style in all teh parts.
i would like to discuss it more with the person that wil be working on it.
Thank you for your help.