Ritical evaluation of lean strategy (strength and weaknesses)

Critical evaluation of lean strategy (strength and weaknesses)
a? Abstract:
General overview about the topic
a? Content:
a? Introduction:
Definitions, what is lean strategy?, lean strategy component, why I want to write about lean strategy?, how this essay will be organized and what it will cover?
a? Literature review:
The history behind lean strategy and who started it and why? And for what reason? (this should be from many literature point of view)
a? The strengths of the theory:
Each strength for the theory should have an evidence from real example who implement this theory and how it changed the company performance. (kindly note that I need different example for each strength point).
a? The weaknesses of the theory:
I need one case study to be used to demonstrate all weaknesses points of this theory. For a company who tried to implement this theory and didnat work with them, and affect their performance negatively.
a? Critical analysis for the theory and how it can be improved and what theory could be an alternative? How can we improve the lean strategy? Could the JIT strategy be an alternative (short introduction about it)