Ritical Evaluation of the Canadian Model of Occupational Performance

This is a 2000 word assignment for a Masters level in Occupational Therapy
The Assignment brief given is as follows: This paper will identify an occupational therapy model and consider the theoretical underpinnings which shaped that model. It will also provide a theoretical critique of the model as used within contemporaneous practice
A critical evaluation of the theoretical foundation upon which the model was developed
A critical evaluation of a theoretical model of occupational therapy practice
A synthesis of relevant data reflecting the use of the model in current occupational therapy practice

The areas in particular that I need help with are the Introduction and Conclusion. I also think that the paper may be too descriptive as oppose critical, arguments may need to be strengthened. I have a number of headings in the paper but I dont think there should be anymore then 3-4 and the paper doesnt flow as well as I would like it to. The sections can be re-arranged also if they need to be. I have 1900 words so there is 100 words or so to play around with and I dont mind if parts have to be taken out in order to improve it. Any feedback or suggestions are welcomed, just contact me through my email.