Ritical evaluation of the impact of the global financial crisis on USA worker migration.

Your Research Proposal should include the following sections:
1. Literature review
a? The literature review must cover appropriate areas and clearly underpins the design of this study.
a? Focus on USA financial crisis impact on worker migration since 2008 to present
a? Identify key relevant sources (Web-site) which set the context and foundations for your research proposal.
a? In reviewing the literature, demonstrate any gaps you feel could usefully be addressed
a? Identify common themes and points of difference.
a? Be focused, analytical and critical.
2. a? Reference: Sources of references from web site only and write in Horvard style

-The writer has to use language and writing by easily to read understand.
-The reference should from financial web site such as IMF,BBC,Bloomburge,and etc.
The detail should example about Hamberger crisis in USA 2008 impact on rising unemployment.
References follow Harvard style
_ Do not write introduction and graph or charts