Ritical evaluation of the impact of the global(focus on USA) financial crisis on worker migration.

Your Research Proposal should include the following sections:
*** You dont need to put an introduction.
a? Literature review
a? The literature review must cover appropriate areas and clearly underpins the design of this study
a? Identify key relevant sources (generally books or articles) which set the context and foundations for your research proposal.
a? In reviewing the literature, demonstrate any gaps you feel could usefully be addressed
a? Identify common themes and points of difference.
a? Be focused, analytical and critical.
a? Research strategy and methods
a? The proposed research strategies have to be clearly and fully outline with a sound rationales provided for the choices made.
a? Your choice of approach/methods must appropriately supported with reference to relevant literature.
a? Set out and justify your approach/methodology or methodologies
a? Use qualitative research approaches.
a? Discuss the methods(s) you intend to use and why
a? Support your rationale for these choices with reference to relevant research methods literature
a? Outline your expected data set and the methods you will use to analyse it
a? Critically analyse issues of sampling
a? discuss your proposed sample size and characteristics out and justify your approach/methodology or methodologies
a? Explain how you would carry out the research
a? Ethical Considerations

a? Timeframe for your proposed study (using a Gantt chart)

a? References (sources from Web-site, journal,book,and etc)

Please note: you are not being asked to carry out this research a simply to produce a proposal that details how you would go about investigating the topic and giving your rationale for the choices you are making. In doing so you should critically analyse research strategies and methods drawing on relevant research methods literature.