Ritical evaluation of two major therapeutic orientations

Hi this order is strictly for someone with a good background in Counselling or Psychology (counselling preferably) as the paper looks at approaches to psychotherapy (two in particular) and previous knowledge of these therapy approaches is needed.

The Essay should be title:
Critical evaluation of two major therapeutic orientations

Details of task:
Compare and contrast two therapies (see below) using the case study of Anthony (see below) to demonstrate how the two:

1. Describe the two approaches.
2. Then, compare and contrast the approaches. When you compare, explain how the two
approaches are similar. When you contrast, highlight the differences between the two
3. Finally, discuss which of the two approaches you believe is the most appropriate for this
case study and give critical reasons for this preference.

Select any two of the following therapies:

a¦ Psychoanalysis
a¦ Client-Centred Therapy
a¦ Rational-Emotive Behaviour Therapy
a¦ Behaviour Therapy
a¦ Cognitive Therapy
a¦ Gestalt Therapy
a¦ Family Therapy
a¦ Narrative Therapy
a¦ Brief Solution focused Therapy

This is not a descriptive essay. Be critical of the therapies and include limitations.
Evidence of current and wider reading is essential. Accuracy in spelling and syntax is

Case Study : Anthony
Anthony is a 40 year old senior executive in a large company, a position he has only
recently taken up. He was referred to counselling by his general practitioner to explore his
mood swings. He had been married for nearly 5 years to a warm and wonderful person.
There were no children yet, and the couple was wondering about the right time for having
children. This has been an area of disagreement between George and his wife and has led to a number of heated arguments between the two of them.
Anthony describes himself as fairly conservative and not a risk taker, and said that
sometimes he couldnt believe he had accepted a job in such a large company. On
questioning, Anthony said that sometimes he felt OK and reasonably good about himself,
but that these good feelings frequently gave way to incredible doubts and feelings of
hopelessness , that he often felt not good enough, and not worthy. He had experienced
these feelings before, but he felt they were more intense and more frequent since moving
to his current position. He commented, Im not the person I thought I would turn out to be”
and Im disappointed in myself”.
He reports being able to keep it together at work and that his work is not suffering at this
stage. He has become more restless and irritable with people, especially in social
situations which he describes as excruciating and pointless.

Attached is a document outlining the assessment criteria. Please take a look as you must follow it when writing the paper.

Let me know if you need any more clarification.