Ritical Evaluation Report Innovation to sustainability

Dear Writer

The structure should be in this way:

introduction should start by:

1-The organization chosen is Unilever then talk about number of employees what they do ..
2The sustainable innovation that will be used in this report is
3This report will be divided into xx parts. Firstly , Secondly, Thirdly ..

Critical Evaluation:

1This section will present the Critical Evaluation and is divided into xx parts.

My Critical evaluative points are:

Context People
My Critical evaluative points are:

Context Innovation
My Critical evaluative points are:

and then the start with the 4 part Process chose 3 only and must be the same way as the Context

Please note: No definitions is required for the Contexts and the Processes just straight forward.

then recommendation after Critical evaluation.

finally conclusion to summarize the points from critical evaluation .

Many thanks