Ritical evalutaion of Countires early childhood education as an Analytical report

Critical Evaluation of findings as an Analytical, Report.

Please meet this Assessment criteria
-critical appraisal of early childhood education and approaches and perspectives.
-critical evaluation of comparative issues and impact in early childhood Contexts
-utilization of appropriate research material and clear presentation.

This is a report and must follow under this structure


These can be headings:
Influences  historical, political, technological, social and economic
Status of early years  education care and additional needs
Provision 0.8, availability, funding access
Curriculum, centrally and locally
Status of professional, qualifications
Other issues, quality indicators.

Sum up
Impact on early childhood contexts

All the key areas must compare England as a basis with other countries. There is no limit on countries used in each section under curriculum can use 7 and under influences 2 for example but all must include England and at least one other country. Counties we have studied are England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, New Zealand, Brazil and China. Try to use these with a mix of a few other countries. Italy can also be used and reggio emila.

2 areas must be done in more depth these are curriculum and status of professional  qualifications.

Also consider poineers in england and other countries and how does there background upbringing etc effect their work and therefore the country. English poineers are Rousseau, Locke, Froebel, Montessori, Steiner and McMillian.

A range of sources to be used including books, journals and internet. Please use starting strong 2 government document found on oced website.
Standard Havard Referncing