Ritical examination of Jimmy Carters book, Turning Point: A Candidate, A State, and a Nation Come of Age (Times Books, 1992)

Questions to consider:
What is the purpose of book? Why did Carter write it?What was the county unit system?Who benefitted from this system? Why did the Supreme Court declare the system unconsitutional?What effect did this have on Carter?Explain at least three reasons why Carter decided to run for office.How were race relations a central theme in the book?Give two examples. Discuss specific examples of political corruption by Carters political opponents?How did Carter overcome this corruption?What role did Carters family play in his campaign? What impact did his father and mother have on Carters political positions? According to the book, how was Carters 1962 campaign a Turning pointfor him, Georgia, and the nation? If you were a qualified voter in Sumter County, would you voted for Carter? Why or why not?