Ritical Examination of the change management implications the retirement of Terry Leahys (Chief Executive) will have on Tesco

Assignment brief:
a?CHANGE MANAGEMENTa? company chosen for this assignment is Tesco (the retailer)

Word Count: 3500 (excluding references/appendices)
Identify an important example of change, which has taken place and/or is taking place in the organisation you have knowledge of (TESCO HAS BEEN CHOSEN):
(a) Analyse the origins and development of that change, drawing on the OD/Organisational Change Literature.
(b) Outline and discuss the key implications of that change for the organisation and its employees.
(c) Critically examine how managers and other employees might have (or have been) prepared for that change.
(d) Discuss how adopting formal Project Management methodologies or approaches (eg. Prince 2) at the beginning of the change initiative could (or did) effect the situation above either positively or adversely. Again, refer to relevant literature.
To include a Bibliography (not in the word count). Please use the Harvard
referencing system.
Guidance notes:
Ensure that you research and evaluate all the (a) to (d) above, and including the implications of a formal structured Project Management approach as discussed within this unit. The appropriateness of any approach is obviously dependent upon full knowledge of the issues and the objectives; so this unit requires a review of the theoretical concepts (and including that of project management methodologies), with an analysis of the concepts against the issues within your chosen organisation, and a reflection on how the outcome may have been altered with a different strategy.
You must demonstrate an understanding of appropriate research.