Ritical Exploration of a Particular Research Method

Select a research method commonly used in research in the Social Sciences.
It is expected that this selection will be guided by your own interests and its completion will further the methodogical basis of a research project you might be anticipating.
The task is to prepare an essay that is a critical exploration of that particular research method.
The essay should comment on:
1) its origins and common uses
2) provide some examples of its recent use
3) discuss its strengths and limitations as a means of answering certain types of questions and
4) explore the fundamental bases on which the method rests.
The essay should also explore and comment upon
1) Does it presuppose a particular understanding of research, people and knowledge?
2) You are further required to develop an annotated guide to engaging with this method, if neccessary inventing an appropriate question, target and audience for the purposes of the response.
3)This guide might take the form of a flow chart or consist of a series of questions and considerations as the method is employed.
4)It is expected that this critique will show significant familiarity with the relevant literature and current practice.