Ritical Exposition Essay comparing Taoism to Socrates

Write a 2000 word critical exposition focusing on any of the main themes of the course: metaphysics, theory of knowledge,ethics. Compare and contrast Taoism with Socrates.

Topic of essay: To compare and contrast:Socrates ideal personality–Philosopher; Chuang Tzus ideal personalityChen jen(real,or authentic person, or perfect person)

In this assignment your exposition will be geared more toward the criticism that you want to make, rather than on the entirety of the position. If you are interested in one of Socrates arguments for the immortality of the soul, you will explain that part of the text thoroughly and the offer a criticism. You want want to highlight those parts of the text that you wish to criticize and that Socrates could use to defend himself.

If you ignore important parts of the argument that an author could use to show that you do not understand the position or structure of the argument, then both your exposition and criticism are inadequate. Therefore, it pays to be careful about what parts of the argument you wish to criticize, and identify key concepts and principles used to construct the argument.

The structure of the essay is much the same as the expository essay, except that the body will include the criticism. Structurally, the exposition should be thorough and clear before any attempt at critism is made. Note that you are not to present your position on the issue. You offer a criticism only and argue for it.

This essay is to be double spaced. Make sure the documentation is complete and that you make every attempt to acknowledge intellectual indebtedness.

Sources (Chuang Tzu, Platos Apology)