Ritical Historical Film Review Essay 300 words

Project 3, Critical Historical Film Review Essay, Wyeth Kilmer:

Film Review: Similar to other critical reviews we have completed, this time your task is to watch a historical theatrical movie (ANY movie with a historical theme) and write a critical essay discussing the approach the films creative team took regarding the depiction of historical events was it accurate, was it accurate in key points of historical details, did it appear to be consistent with the lifestyle of the people of the time depicted or was it anachronistic? The essay format will be the same used earlier, with format guidance provided in Content.
This is a formal essay assignment requiring references and proper formatting! Minimum 300 words.

Content for critical reviews:
Use this guide for writing and reviewing the essays and providing substantive commentary.
When writing and evaluating the essays consider…
Thesis key Points
Did the student attempt to find a thesis and comment accordingly?
Were one or two key points of the reading discussed?
Point of View/Bias/Tone
Did the student discuss the objectivity or lack thereof?
If a particular bias or point of view was evident, did the student indicate what this was or why it was?
Did the student discuss the historians use of sources?
Did he consider the reasonableness of the historians argument?
Did he discuss the historians use of information and ideas of causation/change?
If a particular theory or method was evident for this historian, did the student discuss it?
Critical Methodology:
Did the student supply references and was the Chicago method used properly?
Was the essay written well proper grammar easy to follow and understand?