Ritical Issues in Community Care and care management,In the perspective of Learning disability .


1. Although the essay should be presented as a coherent whole, it has two distinct parts a a critical analysis of community care developments, and an application to a practice context.

2. The critical analysis should offer a debate relating to critical issues in the implementation of community care, which should include :

an understanding of the process, systems and responsibilities relating to the planning and delivery of health and social care;

the impact of political issues, ideologies and external influences on the community care context;

a critical analysis of the key elements of strategic planning, commissioning and provision of services, with emphasis on effective partnerships;

an understanding of the theory and practice of care management and multi-disciplinary perspectives;

a critical understanding of current developments in government policy, and their implications for policy and practice at local level.

This may, for instance, include a comparison between new concepts and traditional values in social and/or health care, and identify potential conflicts or ethical dilemmas, or may debate differences or similarities between previous and current government approaches.

3. The application will require you to demonstrate and evaluate an appropriate application to a practice context, by drawing on the above issues, (or related principles which may be pertinent to your own area of practice). This may be an area in which you currently work, or have worked, or could be one which you choose to research through interest. It could alternatively be a comparison between policies in Britain and another country. Again, this should address potential value conflicts and the impact on user and/or carers.

4. It is important to maintain confidentiality so please avoid the use of real names of people or places, unless these are official policy statements.

5. Do ensure that your essay takes a critically analytical approach, i.e. what you are saying is well thought out and debated, rather than descriptive. Although there are two parts to the essay, this is one essay, and should be well integrated.

6. Use a clear system of referencing and provide a full bibliography at the end. In the text, put (Bloggs 1991), and in the bibliography show the full reference, presented in alphabetical order. (Refer to the referencing system in the Course handbook).

7. Finally, ensure that the following Assessment Criteria inform your work :

Assessment Criteria

1. An analytical understanding of the planning and delivery of social and health care systems is demonstrated, including current developments in policy and practice.

2. Key critical issues in relation to the implementation of community care and the practice of care management are debated, and the key elements of commissioning and service provision are analysed.

3. Issues of user and carer involvement are addressed.

4. An appropriate application to an area of practice is demonstrated and analysed, identifying potential value conflicts, ethical dilemmas and contradictions.

You must also ensure that the assignment is written and referenced to the highest academic and professional standards.