Ritical issues in designresearch essay topic between 1 16 of your choice.

This essay requires you to undertake more focused and sustained research than Assignment 1(Manifesto) and to write a
more detailed, in depth and sophisticated essay. Again, it is important that your research reaches well beyond
the internet and the a?Googlea? search engine. You will need to research and read extensively and demonstrate
in your essay that you are well informed on your topic and well able to argue an informed position in relation to
the essay question. This is demonstrated by supporting your arguments with evidence gathered from your
reading and research.
The essay will be assessed on the following areas:
a? Ideas a are they original, imaginative, relevant and communicated logically?
a? Organisation a is the material well presented and well organised? Are appropriate illustrations included
and referenced?
a? Investigation a has appropriate research been undertaken; are the references used reputable; and are
they correctly documented?
a? Is there a clear line of argument, presented with appropriate and relevant a?evidencea?
a? Writing skills a is the writing coherent, the spelling and grammar correct, are references correctly cited?
a? Personal Style a is the essay written with flair and enthusiasm?

Essay questions:
Critically respond to any one of the following questions:
1. Discuss the idea of functionalism as it applies to both modernism and postmodernism.
2. According to Jean Francois Lyotard, postmodernism can be described as a widespread a?incredulity
towards metanarrativesa?. How accurate is this claim?
3. How can theories of semiotics and deconstruction be applied to design (if at all)?
4. According to Karl Marx, the capitalist system contained within it the seeds of revolution. Has this
revolution occurred? Why/why not? Discuss the role of design within this context.
5. How important/possible is it that the modernist project be kept alive?
6. Is it possible for contemporary design to be avant garde?
7. Discuss the use of propagandist techniques in design. How responsible is the designer for the impact
of his/her work?
8. Is consumption active or passive? Refer to theories of consumerism in your answer.
9. Is consumer capitalism the logical outcome of postmodernism?
10. Marshall McLuhan claimed that, a?the medium is the messagea?. Discuss what he meant by this.Copyright A© Monash University 2011. All rights reserved. Except as provided in the Copyright Act 1968, this work may
not be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the host Faculty and School/Department.
11. Consider the ways in which the distinction between reality and virtuality has blurred in contemporary
12. How important is the role of science fiction (books and/or film) in design?
13. Is the contemporary city a space of control or freedom?
14. Discuss the role of street art and its validity within the gallery system (or when commissioned).
15. Is sustainability the ethical responsibility of the designer?
16. How do designers reconcile the demands of consumerism with the realities of limited resources and
the need to create sustainable design? Discuss by reference to the work and philosophy of at least
two contemporary designers

Presentation requirements:
12 point, single-sided page, double-spaced
Turabian style, Bibliography