Ritical issues in Marketing - A Theoretically-underpinned Analysis of the Critical Marketing Issues of Dell (1998)

(see attached dell case study)

Assignment Description:
You are required to produce an individual report critically evaluating strategic marketing practice in the Dell case study (Magretta s HBR article, 1998) by critically applying selected key theoretical themes covered in the module.

Key theoretical marketing models & theories are essential in the evaluation of a strategic marketing context. Applying theory, models and concepts provides marketers with the tools to develop a deep understanding and informed basis for decision-making.

Learning Outcomes:
This assignment addresses all the module s learning outcomes:

K1 Understand and discuss key marketing theoretical concepts
K2 Critically evaluate marketing theory at an appropriate level
K3 Analyse the marketing issues in practice, by applying academic theory
K4 Evaluate traditional & contemporary marketing models and ideas against observation of contemporary practice in various organizations, industries and business sectors
S1 Demonstrate appropriate information gathering skills
S2 Demonstrate analytical thinking
S3 Demonstrate effective communication

Submission, Format & Word length:
Your work must:
” be In report format (see below)
” include full references using the Harvard Referencing system
” 3,000 words in length excluding references and appendices
” Note  recommendations are not required

Suggested Report Format:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Findings
2.1 Issue 1
2.2 Issue 2
2.3 Issue 3, etc
3.0 Conclusion


1.0 Terms of Reference
2.0 Procedure
3.0 Findings
3.1 Issue 1
3.2 Issue 2
3.3 Issue 3, etc
4.0 Conclusion
Building on the reading undertaken in the module, you must identify the critical issues in the Dell case & apply your knowledge of the theories in order to produce suitable analysis and develop insight. You must discuss the relevant implications for Dell and formulate reasoned conclusions.

You must use suitable academic marketing articles & texts to evaluate this case. Appropriate literature must be reviewed and the issues critiqued. This case relates to many facets of marketing and this should be reflected in your discussion.