Ritical Issues in Non Profits: Mid Term

Critical Issues Midterm Paper This midterm paper is a professional book review (of 3 to 6 pages) modeled on the type of review one might see in a trade or other professional journal.
Please consult several different professional journals to get a feel for what is involved in such a review and how it should be presented.
The review should be practitioner-focused. Book for review: Gardner, H. (2006). Changing Minds: the art and science of changing our own and other peoples minds. Boston: Harvard Business Press.
a? Review should be 3 to 6 pages (800 to 1500 words) long and should cover the directives already listed.
a? Should follow typical book review conventions and citation format (APA). a? Review should be well developed and convey your understanding of the book.
a? As is typical of book reviews, it should both summarize that content of the book and provide qualitative analysis of the text in light of the field.
a? Review should be organized, coherent, and unified.
a? Review should be free of spelling and grammatical errors.
a? Review should be of a type and quality that might be accepted by a professional publication.

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