Ritical Issues in The Trucking Industry

The top three issues of concern to motor carriers reported in the survey are:
1. Changes in Hours-of-Service (HOS) Rules implemented in July 2013
2. Shortage of qualified drivers
3. How carrier safety performance is evaluated under the Compliance, Safety,
Accountability (CSA) Regulations of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Using the internet and any additional current resources you choose, write a paper addressing the following for each of the industry concerns:
? HOS Rules Changes: (1) What the changes in the rules were (2) The impacts of the changes (3) Solutions that have been suggested
? Shortage of Qualified Drivers: (1) The magnitude of the shortage; i.e. the number of drivers that are needed to meet the current and projected demand for freight transport and the number currently available and projected to be available in the future (2) The negative impacts of the shortage (3) Approaches that have been suggested to address this problem
? How Carrier Safety Performance is Evaluated Under CSA Regulations: (1) Specifically what the problems are with the approaches and method(s) used to evaluate performance (2) Changes in the approaches and methods suggested to resolve this concern
Paper Length, Format, and References

Your paper should be a maximum of 2-3 pages in length and in addition must include a cover page. The cover page should include the title of the paper, your name, date, course number, section, and semester. The paper should be prepared using Microsoft Word (or equivalent), normal default margins, double-spaced and font 12. All references used must be cited using APA format.