Ritical Journalism Studies Textual Analysis

Brian McNair (2010) claims that a?the movies represent journalists as heroes and villains and that is appropriate as journalists are botha (p. 18). Write a critical examination of how and why films and/ or TV shows represent journalists in this way. Your answer should include an in-depth examination of a minimum of 2 films/ TV shows.

Total word count 1500 words.
Assessment criteria:
– Appropriate referencing, using Harvard 6
– The ability to present a critical argument in written form
– Choice of appropriate and relevant examples to illustrate the argument

The assignments will be marked on the following criteria:

Structure and Argument
Demonstrates an effective structure (introduction, main body, conclusion, referencing in Harvard 6 style bibliography), coherent and engaging argument

Breadth of examples, knowledge of theoretical and historical debates and concepts, synthesis of ideas and information particularly the working in of quotes with your arguments and ideas
Formal style, avoid contractions (donat, canat, e.g), correct spelling, correct grammar, titles of books, newspapers, programmes should be in italics

Academic conventions
Correct referencing of all quotes, factual information, and paraphrased quotations, correct format of bibliography and inclusion of all bibliographic details required, indenting quotes over 20 words, appropriate use of quotation marks.