Ritical Literature Review: Can exercise be used to treat Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF) in women with breast cancer?

More comprehensive and easier to read instructions will be uploaded as an attachment. This is a basic outline.

This is a comprehensive paper for a Masters in Nursing. Double space with 1.25 inch margins on all four sides of paper. Ideas are logically expressed and well organized. Problem is clearly and concisely stated. Relevant research is succinctly and critically reviewed. References significant to topic to include classic as well as recent works.
This paper is a critical literature review. There needs to be 8-10 articles reviewed and then other sources sited for  context to this issue. So in total there should be at least 20-30 sources/references. Also, I only need a title page, the paper itself and references. I do not need an outline, abstract, or table of contents. The paper CANNOT be longer than 30 pages. The title page, references, and any appendixes (if there are any) are not counted in the page requirement.

I) The topic/issue: Identify a significant topic/issue in the literature, provide a rational within a conceptual approach, and the the critical literature review is organized.
a) clearly state the topic/issue and reason(s) for its selection. The purpose of the review is well defined, concisely stated and congruent with the topic.
b) state significance of the topic for nursing practice and research. The history and importance of the topic/issue are described.
c) clearly describe how review is organized, including conceptulization of approach and rational for articles selected for review and other inclusion/exclusion criteria (i.e. only nursing authors, only nursing journals...)

II) Literature Review: Critical Analysis7 to 10 articles reviewed for this section
a) clearly discusses a relevant theory that demonstrates an enhanced understanding of the topic. Theory may more directly relate to section III (practice implecations) than to this section.
b) clearly articulate main point(s) of the article; establish credibility of author/content.
Evaluation Criteria
sample: subjects and selection critieria; appropriateness of design threats to validity.
procedure: description of procedural steps.
measures: reliability and validity, description/definition of measurements.
results: data analyses described; data fully presented, findings logically presented.
conclusions: authors interpretation of findings; authors discussion of limititations; authors discussion of generalizations.
c) demonstrate ability to accurately evaluate the elements listed above and its potential contribution to knowledge.

III) Discussion and Application: interpret and discuss practice implications and need for future research via a synopsis of the literature review.
a) analyze the body of literature that was reviewed in section II. Summarize the significant accomplishments in the literature, presents discussion congruent with the reviewed articles and appropriate to the topic and purpose.
b) describe the relationship between major findings and identify gaps in literature, the implications for practice, and further research. Formulate perinent, researchable questions, propositions, and hypotheses based on the synthesis of findings/gaps. Disscuss significance for nursing practice.

The topic: Can exercise be used to treat Cancer Related Fatigue (CRF) in women with breast cancer. Looking at if exercise is effective and if there is a type of exercise that is more effectiveaerobic or anaerobic exercise (walking, treadmill, etc or resistance exercise).
This is to be a Masters Comprehensive paper for a Masters in Nursing. It is not as extensive as a Thesis, but needs to be just as scholarly. This paper determines my graduation. It is a critical literature review, which includes reviews of  both sides of the story. There is research that shows both that exercise helps to reduce fatigue in women with breast cancer and research that does not have significant results. Both need to be included. A substantial critique of the various studies needs to be done. Alone with the  standard review of the literature as mentioned in Sec 1 (sample, study type, results, etc.) the internal (which biases might have come into play and had an effect on the results) and external validity need to be addressed. In terms of references 8-10 research articles should be reviewed. The total number of references should end up being somewhere between 20-30 if everything is cited appropriately.
The approach to select the references need to be described in significant detailwhy particular references were chosen, the details of the search should be described: which databases, what key terms, etc.
The theoretical framework needs to be substantiatedwhy the framework was chosen and its appropriateness for the topic. The theoretical framework for this topic should be based in exercise physiology. There should also be some discussion as to the physiological mechanism by which exercise may improve cancer related fatigue.
While the topic of fatigue obviously will be discussed in the first section, other cancer related fatigue factors need to be discussed (not at length, but touched upon)what can be causing the fatigue: cachexia, deconditioning, tumor necrosis, etc. CRF does no occur as an isolated symptom, but rather among multiple symptoms and is correlated with decreased functional status.
The discussion section needs to synthesize and the critique the literature findings and present a coherent set of conclusions. There is a lot of information that needs to be included in the 30 pages so the writing needs to be very concise and straight forward language (but professional). Do not throw in big words to sound scholarly. Use vocabulary appropriately.

In addition to the requirements for my paper I am including a paper I wrote on the same general topic, treating CRF with exercise, but very different requirements and much smaller in scale. Also I will include my references as well as links to some helpful sites.

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network.

My attached paper: feel free to use what you would like from it, but I know for a fact that it is not the most polished and the reviews need some revisions. I will attach the paper as another file.