Ritical Marketing Variables For The 21th Century: The Four CS

Hi Dear Writer. this class is a Marketing class and i do have this part to write which is Critical Marketing Variables For The 21th Century: The Four CS. we are writing about a gym in a high school. The gym is called Sound Body Sound Mind.

This information needs to be written in the paper.

Critical Marketing Variables For The 21st Century: The Four  C s
Does your plan address the following:
1. Care
Marketers must really care about the way they treat customers  I.e customers are everything
2. Choice
Marketers need to reassess the diversity and breadth of their offerings into a manageable good-better-best selection
3. Community
Even National marketers must be affiliated, attached to neighborhoods wherever they operate stores
This is the task of dealing with the ongoing reality of demographic change

In addition, i will send a word document that has a Marketing mix about this Gym.

Make sure you read the Marketing Mix! It will help with ideas to increase the length of my paper the four CS and tying my section in with the rest of the paper.

The paper has to be 12 font and double space.