Ritical overview of the role of fashion management in relation to the different market subdivision in the fashion industry

You are employed by a brand producing items within any sector of Fashion. Something happens which changes the consumers perception of your brand to a negative one. What would you do to change this? Which departments should work together to improve things? What would be the best strategy to employ? How long do you think it might take to repair your brand reputation?
Your overview should include details of methods used by the company to meet customer satisfaction through the understanding of customer behaviour. Research of how the brand products and image are managed should also be considered. You should also include a critical review of Fashion Management and administration tactics in relation to a problem solving scenario.
The brand I chosen to write about is Abercrombie and Fitch. I want to write about how the CEOs comments have destroyed their sale etc. And ways to solve the problem can be releasing a plus size range, plus size and anti bullying campaign and getting involved in anti bully campaigns and charities. They can even make fun of their brand in a smart funny campaign.
Also can you please use some books as sources please?