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You may use your notes, textbook, and class materials to answer essays. Please do not use outside sources, especially websites and online resources (i.e., Wikipedia). Use of online sources will result in failure of this assignment  please answer the questions using your own thoughts and your own words and DO NOT plagiarize. Please, do not try to find, copy, print out, and turn in papers or material written by another person  past students or papers and information that you find online. This includes Wikipedia. It is called plagiarism and is easily and quickly caught  it will also result in you failing the assignment with a score of zero, and possibly flunking the course for the semester. Each answer should be at least one to one and a half page in length, typed double space.

1) Based on your knowledge of brain anatomy from this course (Ch.2), invent a new, unique neurological or cognitive disorder and describe:
a. The primary behaviors that result from this disorder
b. Brain areas, brain structures, and neurotransmitter systems most likely to be involved in this disorder (and explain your reasoning for the involvement of these brain systems)
(As an example, I have been described as  compulsively messy as opposed to obsessive-compulsively neat. Symptoms might include the piling of papers and objects upon ones desk, thriving in such a chaotic environment, etc.)
2) The state of Kentucky has declared an emergency state due to the outbreak of zombies! As a psychology student, you have been asked to intervene and give your opinions based upon your knowledge of neuroscience and brain anatomy (Ch.2). Please describe the possible neurological or physiological basis for a zombie outbreak, including a discussion of the following:
a. Brain areas, brain structures, or neurotransmitters likely to be involved in particular symptoms of  zombie behavior. Be clear and specific here about which symptoms relate to which brain areas, etc.
b. Possible treatments for this  zombie disorder that might include reverse symptoms or damage to these brain areas (treatments could be medical, pharmaceutical, or even behavioral)