Ritical Perspectives of International Relations

I need an analytical paper on critical perspectives in IR based off specific readings assigned to us. I will attach links to the readings. Below are instructions from my professor:
the analytical paper should go beyond mere description of i??who said what and when,i?? and focus instead on the studenti??s own analysis. Although personal opinions on the readings are an inseparable part of any analysis, students should not stop simply at that. At all times, and at all costs, students should avoid platitudes, meaningless repetitions, and typically vacuous comments like i??it is interesting,i?? or i??it is complex.i?? It is important to remember that successful analytical papers are not summary papers, and should make analytical connections between the authors and their interpretations. Each analytical essay must display the studenti??s: (a) understanding of the main arguments from various reading; and (b) capacity to make simple but meaningful connections between each authori??s main argument, in a clear and ordered manner.
The required format for the summary and analytical papers is the following:
Page size: Letter
Font: Palatino Linotype
Size: 12 points
Margins: Normal (2,54cm or 1 inch on each margin)
Line Spacing: 1.5

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Read pages 231-249 of the following link:

Read pages 204-254 of the following link:

Read pages 231-236 of the following link:

Read pages 1-45, 179-220. of the following link:

Let me know if you have any more questions