Ritical Perspectives on Management and Organizations

Essay topic: Katie Sullivan, in her paper i??With(out) pleasure: Desexualization, gender and sexuality at worki?? (2014), argues that pressures towards organizational desexualization in massage therapy maintain heteronormativity, sexual harassment and discrimination. Critically discuss her arguments and present your own view on the issue of sexuality in a workplace.
I am also uploading the Main text and Structuring essay instructions and some sources to use and support arguments. Please note that structuring essay pdf file is the most important and my topic is number 2 from there you can see that it also shows the structure for each topic number which you only have to look at topics 1 and 2 part and my topic is 2. In Critical Discussion part please also use External Sources as well as the article itself. PLEASE DOWNLOAD ALL THE FILES I HAVE UPLOADED STRUCTURING YOUR ESSAY,ESSENTIAL SOURCE 1 WHICH IS MAIN TOPIC ESSENTIAL SOURCE 2, RECOMMENDED 3 AND ADDITIONAL SOURCES,4 AND 5 PLEASE USE SOME EXTERNAL SOURCES APART FROM I HAVE UPLOADED (ESSENTIALS ARE THE MUST-USE ONES) and please PUT AS MUCH EFFORT AS YOU CAN AND FOLLOW EACH INSTRUCTION ON STRUCTURING YOUR ESSAY DOCUMENT BECAUSE THIS IS MY FINAL PROJECT, MUCH APPRECIATED

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