Ritical Practice in Community Learning and DevelopmentWriting Communities

Describe and comment upon the literacy practices developed and used within any group with which you are familiar. You should include a CRITICAL OUTLINE of:
1.ways in which you think the practices reflect the groups objectives and priorities
2.example of practices which you consider to be of particular interest (and why?)
3. an understanding of how these practices are passed on between group members
4.the responses of group members towards these particular practices.
Please note the size of the group you chose will almost certainly be important in allowing you to do justice to your research skills and your thinking fully within the limits of this project.
It may be useful to for you to refer to Barton and Hamilton (1998) in devising this project.
(Personal note I work with a group of young people on a daily basis, who do not attend mainstream school due to their behaviour and other issues, the group consists of sixteen young people mixed gender. I deliver life skills and personal and social development to these young people) My job role is that of a youth worker, although I work in an education provision.