Ritical race theories compared feminist theories

Compare and contrast the critical race theories with feminist theories we have studied. Critique these theories with respect to:
(a) the historical context (what was going on at the time) in which they first emerged and
(b) their fundamental assumptions about human nature, social order and crime.
Within your discussion, use examples FROM THE READINGS to show how
specific criminological theories exemplify the fundamental assumptions of the Critical paradigm.

Books are African American Classics in Criminology & Criminal Justice by Gabbidon, Greene, and Young. Criminological Theory Past to Present by Cullen and Agnew.

Paper should be double spaced, 12 pt font, times-new-roman in Microsoft WORD. I expect 1 inch margins and for the paper to conform to APA standards. There is a minimum of five (5) citations required. DO NOT do a web search to find valid information without PRIOR approval!